Ally’s Bar Website Design and Development

Ally's Bar Website

Project: Single page site for with prominent eCommerce available and streamline their adminstration of the site.

Ally's Bar Website


Ally’s Bar commissioned us to design and develop a custom WordPress site using WooCommerce for their eCommerce traffic. They wanted a “simple” project, based on single page layout sites. We leveraged our own Single Page Framework parent theme to get us started. It features a dynamic auto-generating top menu that populates based off the sections in the page. The page sections can be moved within the admin area by drag-and-drop. The widths of each section are controlled with simple dropdown menus within the admin, too.

To make the project custom, our child theme looked to the WordPress Customizer. Custom colors, textures and typography are assigned here. This kept most of the options for the theme here and out of a backend “Options” page, which makes understanding the updates easier for our team and for Ally’s Bar.

We further customized a few plugins, as well. Obviously, WooCommerce. We also used Timeline Express, Intagrate Pro, Contact Form 7 and Prolo Store Finder. Each of these plugins made our work easier and allowed us to get the project completed per the mockups we provided upon the project bid.

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