Promotional Fliers for Cyclocross Series

Emmaus Cyclocross Flyer 11x17

Project: Create promotional fliers for a local cyclocross series in the Lehigh Valley, PA

Our Fall racing season in the Lehigh Valley is jam packed with cyclocross racing. We help promote two of the twelve races and offer graphic design and website design assistance for the other 10 races. This year, the Emmaus Cyclocross Festival is new for us. It pairs with the Solstice Cross race, which we helped promote in 2015 to great success. We wanted the graphic connections between all twelve races to be consistent, yet clearly be different events. From our work with the Red Hook Crit, we had some amazing examples to pull from.

Emmaus Cyclocross Festival

Artwork created

Emmaus Cyclocross Flyer 11x17

Emmaus Cyclocross Flyer 11×17

Solstice Cross Event

Solstice Cross Poster

2016 Solstice Cross Flyer 11×17

Fifth Street Cross Promotion

  • 11×17
  • A4
  • Letter

2016 Fifth Street Cross Poster