Winning the Race with Diabetes

WTWRD Brand Mark

Project: Establish branding for Winning the Race with Diabetes, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring those with Type-1 diabetes to live active lifestyles.

WTWRD Brand Mark

Medical symbolic references paired with sportscar styling and high-visibility colors.

The graphic design around this project is meant to convey both the medical base of the foundation as well as a strength of youthful enthusiasm to get outside. Inspired by traditional medical symbols, we focused on the snake, scepter, and shield. We emboldened the snake with fangs and an aggressive expression. The shield is reminiscent of sports car badges or the headtube badges on bicycles. With a nod to the racing focus of the foundation, a checkered flag covers a small corner of the design.

The color selection wanted to be both sophisticated and medical; a challenging combination. The medical is accomplished with a high-visibility yellow like what you would see on an ambulance or first responder. We paired this with a deep navy and cool gray. Variations of the color palette are available for use, but the primary brand mark makes use of these three colors.

WTRWD Brand Mark

The horizontal mark carries the snake and scepter across. The gold and high-visibility colors pair well with dark colored backgrounds.

A secondary brand mark was created for more horizontal uses, such as website headers. We carried across the snake and scepter from the primary brand mark. We selected gold and high-visibility yellow as the colors for this with the intention of placing this mark over darker backgrounds, specifically navy backgrounds.

Brand Guidelines

Once we established the colors and brand marks, we followed a simple rule for other art in the project. For example, the overlay colors for photographs use either a navy, gold or yellow base. Adjustments to the saturation and intensity of the overlays are appropriate.

WTRWD branding example

A base of yellow as the color overlay keeps the branding consistent.

WTRWD branding examples

The blue base with a gradient gives depth to this image while keeping it consistent with the brand.