Winning the Race with Diabetes Branding

Project: Establish branding for Winning the Race with Diabetes, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring those with Type-1 diabetes to live active lifestyles. The graphic design around this project is meant to convey both the medical base of the foundation as well as a strength of youthful enthusiasm to get outside. Inspired by traditional medical symbols, […]

Winning the Race with Diabetes Website Design and Development

We created a custom Wordpress theme for Winning the Race with Diabetes, a non-profit inspiring those with T1 diabetes to live active lifestyles.

Emmaus Cyclocross Logo and Branding

Project: Create a logo for Emmaus Cyclocross, an event promotions company. Emmaus Cyclocross needed a logo, and it needed it to work with the new Emmaus Cyclocross Festival. The project was a bit of branding as well as logo work – there was no existing creative collateral. Since all of the events for the promotion […]

Promotional Fliers for Cyclocross Series

Project: Create promotional fliers for a local cyclocross series in the Lehigh Valley, PA Our Fall racing season in the Lehigh Valley is jam packed with cyclocross racing. We help promote two of the twelve races and offer graphic design and website design assistance for the other 10 races. This year, the Emmaus Cyclocross Festival […]

Ally’s Bar Website Design and Development

Project: Single page site for with prominent eCommerce available and streamline their adminstration of the site.   Ally’s Bar commissioned us to design and develop a custom WordPress site using WooCommerce for their eCommerce traffic. They wanted a “simple” project, based on single page layout sites. We leveraged our own Single Page Framework parent theme […]

Red Hook Crit Website Build

Project Goal: To work with the Red Hook Crit management and creative team to develop a website that is visually appealing and presents all necessary information while being easy to navigate. Simplifying the back end to make management more efficient was also key. We had the pleasure of rebuilding the Red Hook Crit website for the 2016 season. […]

Ally’s Bar advertisement for May 2016 Road Magazine

Project: Update our April 2016 advertisement for Ally’s Bar sweet potato bars. To update our April 2016 advertisement, we wanted to showcase more of the “Real Food” natural ingredients that compliment the primary ingredient, sweet potato. Dates, honey, cashews, vanilla, cinnamon, cranberries, sesame seeds, flax seeds and quinoa all equal one great Ally’s Bar. Displayed […]

Ally’s Bar advertisement for April 2016 Road Magazine

Project: Print ad for Ally’s Bar nutrition bars to be featured in Road Magazine’s April 2016 issue. Ally’s Bar is a nutrition bar company that uses sweet potato as their primary ingredient. They wanted to highlight this ingredient much more significantly. We did a photoshoot with sweet potatoes and their products. They decided on the […]