Red Hook Crit Website Build

Project Goal: To work with the Red Hook Crit management and creative team to develop a website that is visually appealing and presents all necessary information while being easy to navigate. Simplifying the back end to make management more efficient was also key.

Red Hook Crit Homepage

The new homepage uses a few calculations to optimize the images being delivered to each device.

We had the pleasure of rebuilding the Red Hook Crit website for the 2016 season. Leveraging WordPress, we were able to streamline a lot of the administration of content with an improved admin and templating system. With the race generating significant interest during “critweek”, we also put the project on a new hosting platform that was able to handle the increased load by making use of CDNs and improved caching. All of the updates will allow us to display more information than ever before in a way that is easy for fans and athletes to navigate.