Winning the Race with Diabetes Website Design and Development

Project: Create an informational responsive website that can handle donations.

We created a custom WordPress theme for the non-profit Winning the Race with Diabetes to help them market themselves and collect donations. We utilized WooCommerce to help us collect payments with a custom form to allow donors to name their own donation amount. To help with SEO, we structured the homepage to display short snippets about each main section of the site. These sections lead to dedicated pages about the non-profit with the ability to add further sub-pages later. We also integrated social media accounts but did not display them yet. The foundation preferred to hold off on this until there was more content to populate those feeds.

Winning the Race with Diabetes

A full-screen homepage splash greets the user. Quick mission statement, easy to navigate menu, and an account login access are all right there.

Winning the Race with Diabetes

The donation form is simple and immediately available. Donors can enter their own donation rate.